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boot boat | daat crew | deeg̱a̱deelpk anchor line | didaat crew a boat | giwkł paddle a canoe | giisk go by | gyits'ooya̱x person sitting in the bow of a canoe | g̱a̱deelpk anchor | g̱eemg̱a̱nsk oar | k'uł waay row about | ḵ'ala ḵ'ameet one vessel to travel up | saxs wilduulgyit battleship | sa̱xslooygm gyet bus/ferry | sa̱xs uumtxaw halibut boat | sgaw barge | sg̱a̱nhałoo mast | smxsoo canoe | sta'aw canoe | stiimboodmḵ'ala'aks riverboat | t'aamts'ooya̱x person sitting in the bow of a canoe | waay paddle/row | waay propeller of a boat | xsoo canoe | yuhadaay steering a canoe |