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gu'pl two (abstract or round) | gup'l'on two (measures) | gup'lwilk'yep twenty (abstract and round objects) | gwa̱n three flat objects and animals | gwiloon three people | gwilpdaat two aboard | g̱andooltsg̱n eight (canoes or vehicles) | g̱a̱lbeeltk two (canoes or vehicles) | g̱a̱lsg̱a̱ntk three (boats) | g̱a̱lts'g̱a̱n three (long objects) | g̱a̱ndool eight (abstract and round objects) | g̱a̱ndoolt eight (animals and flat objects) | g̱o'opsg̱n two (long objects) | k'üül one (abstract and round objects) | k'üülda̱'on one (measures)/one fathom | k'ak'ooltk one by one | kba̱l'on ten (measures) | k'ool one (person) | kpi'itsg̱n ten (long objects) | kpiil ten (abstract and round objects) | kpiil di gup'l twelve (abstract and round objects) | kpiil di k'üül eleven (abstract and round objects) | kpiil di ḵ'a̱wtsxn eleven | kpool ten (people) | ksnsool five (people) | ksta̱moos nine (abstract, round or flat objects and animals) | ksta̱moosa̱l'on nine (measures or fathoms) | ksta̱moosg̱n nine (long objects, canoes or vehicles) | kstmasdaat nine | kstmasool nine (people) | kstu'unsg̱n five (canoes, vehicles and long objects) | kstuuns five (abstract, round or flat objects and animals) | kstuunsa̱'on five measures or fathoms | kstuunsdaat five | kwlii'on three (measures) | k'widaat alone | k'wilii three | k'yap ten (flat objects and animals) | k'yaak one (flat objects and animals) | k'yep ten (abstract and round objects) | k'yepdik'yaak eleven | k'yepdit'a̱pxaat twelve | k'yepsk ten (canoes or vehicles) | ḵ'awtsg̱n one long object | ḵ'aay fathom/wing | ḵ'a̱meet one (canoe or vehicle) | ḵ'ool six (abstract and round objects) | ḵ'oolda̱'on six (measures) | ḵ'ooldool six (people) | ḵ'oolt six (flat objects and animals) | ḵ'ooltk six (canoes or vehicles) | ḵ'ooltsg̱n six (long objects) | liidzxk count numbers | liitsx read/count | lugwindaat three people aboard a conveyance | lukba̱ldaat ten (people aboard a conveyance) | lukstmasdaat nine people aboard a conveyance | lukstuunsdaat five (people aboard a conveyance) | luḵ'ooldaat six (people aboard a conveyance) | lutxa̱lpxdaat four (people aboard a conveyance) | lut'a̱pxooldaat seven (people aboard a conveyance) | lu'yikwłdaat eight (people aboard a conveyance) | txa'alpxsg̱n four (canoes, vehicles and long objects) | txaalpx four | txaalpxa̱'on four (measures) | txa̱lpxdaat four people aboard a conveyance | txa̱lpxdool four (people) | t'apxa̱duul two (people) | t'a̱pxaat two (flat objects and animals) | t'a̱pxa̱ldool seven (people) | t'a̱pxooldaat seven people aboard | t'a̱pxoolda̱'on seven (measures) | t'a̱pxoolt seven (abstract and round objects) | t'a̱pxoolt seven (flat objects and animals) | t'a̱pxooltk seven (canoes or vehicles) | t'a̱pxooltsxn seven (long objects) | 'yikwda'alsg̱n eight (long things) | 'yikwdel eight (abstract and round objects) | 'yikwdelt eight (animals and flat objects) | 'yikwła'adool eight (people) | 'yikwła'aldaat eight people aboard a conveyance | 'yikwła'atk eight canoes or vehicles | 'yikwła'on eight measures |