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ha'li'xhoon July/August | ha'li'xmaay June | ha'lila̱xdzmdzm March/April | Ha'lila̱xsistm'oon August | ha'lila̱xts'wa̱s September/October | Ha'lila̱x łgumedmg̱a̱g̱uum May/June | Ha'lila̱x sig̱aboox October | Ha'lila̱x simaay September | Ha'lila̱x sima̱ḵ'ooxs June | Ha'lila̱x simisoo July | Ha'lila̱x sits'a̱'a̱x November | Ha'lila̱x sixs'waanx April | Ha'lila̱x six'ẅa̱h March | Ha'lilikluulgyit December | Ha'li'la̱x siła̱'a̱sk May | Ha'liwilgyisiyaask February | Ha'lix'ẅa̱h March | Ha'li suwiliinsk January |