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aadza̱x reach | aamsg̱a̱'na̱k just enough after a while | dza'adzay sometime | dzida if/when | dziła when | dzindeh when? | g̱akswil= that's when | g̱a̱xba̱waal do sometimes | ha'wika never | k'a= for a while | la'ooy time immemorial | ligi lip wils t'aym anytime | ła 'nak long time | ła 'nakt be a long time | 'nak long time/far long | 'nigyił often | sg̱a̱'nak length of space/time | sg̱a̱'nakt length | taym time | 'wahk'üült sometimes | 'wa̱hts'muu someone who never listens |