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gyelx outside | k'uł yaa walk around/come out/separate out | ksi= out | ksibe'aḵl tear out | ksibuu 'aks splash out | ksigak'ool go out one by one | ksiłootk crawl out | ksima̱xs put out | ksi 'a̱xłk manage to get out/pay off debts | ksi baa run out | ksi betsk stick out | ksi gwaantk come out | ksi gyełk poke out | ksi g̱ol throw out | ksi huutk call out | ksi łoo swim out | ksi se'ik pull out | ksüü go out | 'nagyelx outside | ts'eka out/extinguished | uks= seaward | uks= out of/out from the top of | uksawulksk drift out to sea | uksgaa take out | uksg̱ats pour out | ukshaytk stand out | ukst'uus push out | wudznma̱x put out the back | wulag̱m= out of the water onto land | 'ya̱g̱a̱ksüülma̱xs half-tide going out |