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agwi= great- outside of | aadza̱x reach | a̱xłk arrive | dalpk short | dalp'n close by | daaltk meet | dza̱g̱m baa near the end | gi'mas close by | gwin= close | gwin dalpk get close | gwin sgüü lie close to/put close | gyaawks gone | gyiwil= past (go __)/by | g̱ana= against | g̱anahaytk lean against | ḵ'aym close by | la̱xba space between | luspa̱g̱a̱ gwa̱'a̱ dił ___ between here and __ | sg̱a̱'nak length of space/time | sg̱a̱'nakt length | spa̱g̱ayt= among/between | txal= against | wag̱ayt= distant/far | wag̱aytdoni far away | wag̱ayt gyiika way down on the beach | wil'nak place far away | wudnt'aa avoid |