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g̱aaydm ts'u'u'ts mushroom/sea shells/glans | g̱a̱naaḵ deer foot | g̱a̱neexł top part of the deer hoof | g̱a̱nts'iit clam siphon | g̱ooy halibut bones | hadaaltk dorsal fin of a cod | haas soft dorsal fin | iim porcupine quills | k'wiinti salmon stomach | ḵ'ankts'ool skin something | ḵ'aawtsx gills | ḵ'aay fathom/wing | ḵ'o'opnm hoon fish heart | laan fish eggs | laanmhoon female fish | lii fur/feathers/body hair | lii mati wool | łeetsx salmon tails | nats'iks salmon tails | ne'ex fin |