Words related to category: Ts-H5 Types of people not related to status or profession Note: Category links were automatically generated broadly based on the gloss. As a result some links may be unrelated, which we are in the process of removing.
asgyaaba̱x chatterbox | 'ayawaal proficient | ba̱'wis monkey | da̱mxł companion/sleep next to | fisman fisherman | gitwaap next door | gyedm g̱a̱ldoo person who lives at camp | gyits'ooya̱x person sitting in the bow of a canoe | g̱a̱muutk earrings (one who is wearing __) | hiduu reputation | hukama̱daalg̱a̱sk worshipper | huk'alubaa fast runner | hukbi'ik liar | hukdal fighter | hukgesgm g̱oot jealous person | hukk'o'olsk forgetful | hukḵ'aa'lk thief | k'wił 'ayaa popular/good | ḵ'anayis friend | la̱g̱a̱xna̱ks person who has two wives/husbands | la̱g̱a̱xts'ap dying person who has begun talking to the dead | la̱g̱a̱x ni'itsk person who has eyes in the back of his head | liblt waaltk enemy | liksgyedm gyet stranger | liksts'a̱p stranger(s) | łagyigyet people of long ago/tradition | ma̱hana̱'a̱x effeminate/effeminate man | ma̱sgmg̱aws red hair/redheaded | midiikya'wn left/left-handed person | mi'yuuta̱ mannish tomboy | mooksgmgyet white person | mooksgmg̱aws white haired/blond person | mooms crazy | noots homosexual | nsi'ip'nsk friend | ntxa̱laa ts'ap descendants | sisgyensgmg̱aws blond hair/blond person | si'wiihoon twins | smya'wn right/right-handed person | sugyet murderer | sug̱a̱niinksk newlyweds | taag̱oox ahead | üünksk clumsy person | 'wahg̱a̱lgyet virgin/unmarried | 'wahtidzoox shameless | 'wahti 'ayn never fails to show up | 'wa̱hgyoomsgyet bully | 'wa̱hliimi tone deaf/without a song | 'wa̱h'nts'iits' low class/bad-mannered | 'wa̱hts'muu someone who never listens | 'woo invite | xbaa'la̱xs talking to the dead | xgyet kill with witchcraft/cannibal |