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gits'ooya̱x bow of a boat | gyilaan stern (nautical) | gyits'ooya̱x person sitting in the bow of a canoe | g̱anwaay oarlock | g̱a̱deelpk anchor | g̱a̱n'uksłee boom | g̱a̱nałoo mast | g̱a̱ngyooks keel of a boat | g̱a̱nhadaay steering wheel/rudder | g̱a̱n'oksinsk bumper | g̱a̱nyitsyets'a̱ suspenders/towbit | g̱a̱'nah mast | g̱a̱wsgmg̱a̱n pole | hadaay rudder | hadaayn rudder | hagwilhuug̱a̱deelpk anchor line | hagyooks keel | hałoo material | hats'iiwkwsa̱ bailer | kts'ooks boards | la̱xa̱x gunwale of canoe | lusg̱a̱'ayee partitions/bulkhead | 'liwaap'a cabin | łiłuungyit plug for a boat | ma'awlk anchor line |