Words related to category: Ts-O1 Marriage & sexual relations Note: Category links were automatically generated broadly based on the gloss. As a result some links may be unrelated, which we are in the process of removing.
bisbasa̱xk separated | buu orgasm | gaksg̱a̱niinksk just got married | g̱a̱ntk hard/stiff/have an erection | hanaks gift | huumts'a̱x kiss | k'uu'k sexual intercourse | ḵ'aas have sexual intercourse | ḵ'aats married to person of same clan | ma̱s'aws bridal shower | 'ma̱n annoint | naks marry/spouse | naksit'a'a deceased spouse | naksk marry | nsi'ip'nsk friend | silagwe'e spouse | sila nook lie with | sisdzoxs picnic/play house/common-law | snhana̱'a̱x flirt with women | sn'yuuta̱ flirt with men | sug̱a̱niinksk newlyweds | tguyets shivaree | xłiiw burst | xłu vulva |