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bu'ił move - a warning | deentk lead/leader | dee'wl funeral gift | dimootk save something | diilt work together | gwünsiyełk tell someone to polish something | gyil aks give a drink of water | gyiin give food | habool control | int łimoom gyet social security | k'a̱lisyets spank/club | ks'ne'exk claim something | ḵ'o'an ignore | ḵ'o'ansk ignore someone | lusa'aamg̱oot make happy | łimoom help | łimoom'a assistance | mootk safe | 'ne'ensk confirmation | sgwa'yn stop doing something | sina̱woox tell off | sis'aaxs laugh | sisdzoxs picnic/play house/common-law | sisis'aaxs make someone laugh | txal aam good for/worthy | xba̱haydzn send someone door to door |