Words related to category: Ts-R4 Death and mourning Note: Category links were automatically generated broadly based on the gloss. As a result some links may be unrelated, which we are in the process of removing.
baa'la̱x reincarnate/ghost | ba̱x ma̱xsk standing up/bury | dee'wl funeral gift | gwelka̱ get a haircut | laguulk'a burn | la̱guulgit burnt possessions of a dead person | liimk'ooy dirge | lu'an'on pay burial costs | ts'nsdzak widowed | wildoogyet graveyard | xbaa'la̱xs talking to the dead | xba̱g̱mg̱oop whitecaps/death | xba̱xt crest/white caps | xlaguulk'a claim for remembrance | xlu'an'on receive burial payment |