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duułk large basket | güüdisk go gathering; gather | güüks search | güül pick/harvest (of seaweed, berries, etc.) | güütks search | g̱a̱liilp stick | ha'li'xmaay June | Ha'lila̱x łgumedmg̱a̱g̱uum May/June | Ha'lila̱x sig̱aboox October | Ha'lila̱x sima̱ḵ'ooxs June | Ha'lila̱x sits'a̱'a̱x November | luudisk harvest | sag̱aytg̱a'wn gather | sa̱xdoo gather | si= harvest/do/make/begin | sihat'al get strips of cedar bark | simaay get berries | sits'a̱'a̱x dig clams | ts'ilaa large basket | xga̱p'sk eat berries off the bush |