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basag̱n divide/split/spread out | bee'ḵl tear off | beexk tear bark from a cedar tree | da̱kł bandage | da̱kłee bandage | duulxk stuck | g̱alg̱ol mixed up/fall apart | g̱anüü snap | g̱awlk wind around | g̱a̱nksts'ool skin | g̱oontk braid | g̱ooyx finish off a basket | hoksn tie/put with | ksits'iip tie one's hair in a coil on top of one's head | ksla̱x'aml peel | ḵ'ankts'ool skin something | lugidihoks snagged | luhoks snagged | lusa'wn load a box | *luup sew | luupk sew | luup'is sew | ła'agynsk bandage/glue | łakws come undone | łiisk finish off a basket | łm'yets bundle up/tie up | łuu untie | łuultsa knot | ma̱n hakhakwła hook up/shoelace | sa'wn put into | si sg̱a̱n weave a mat/horizontal weave | speexsk weave cedar bark | txalda̱kł bind | ts'iip tie | ts'oo split open | ts'oolks skin an animal | wo'wl roll up | xłmda̱kł tie around | xłmyets tie around/tie in the middle |